Badlands (1973), Terrence Malick 

My life was confused and disoriented for years by his passing. My sense of destiny destroyed - the great films he would have directed, the great performances he would have given, the great humanitarian he would have become, and yet, he’s the greatest actor and star I have ever known. - Dennis Hopper on James Dean


Nobody’s perfect. There was never a perfect person around. You just have half-angel and half-devil in you.
Days of Heaven (1978), Terrence Malick.

Spring Breakers (2012)

300 (2006)

Everyone can relax. The people who matter have arrived.

G.B.F. (2013), Darren Stein

Three powerful cliques controlled North Gateway High, and the Queen Bitch from each ruled our school from every direction. Caprice Winters dominated as Queen of Drama, all three kinds of choir and our school’s loose network of minority students.Then there was ‘Shley Osgood, short for Ashley, which was about as edgy as she got. With her perpetually sunny Mormon disposition, ‘Shley ruled all wearers of shiny gold crosses and goody two shoes. But neither could hold a candle to Fawcett Brooks, by far the hottest girl in school, and the Empress of The Rich and Popular. Fawcett loved fads and hated fatties. Her trademark golden tresses had won her ‘Best Hair’ three years in a row. An unprecedented achievement, since you’re supposed to be a senior to win. Like neighboring warlords in a third world country, they maintained an uneasy balance of power. Friendly, but always vigilant of anything that could upset the truce and create all out social warfare.


At every step, every gust of wind, I’d like to be able to say ‘Now..’, no longer ‘forever’ and ‘for eternity’. To take the empty seat at a card game and be greeted by others, even if just with a nod. It would be nice to come home after a long day and feed the cat like Philip Marlowe, or to have a fever, or get your fingers black by the newspaper. To be excited not just by the mind, but by a meal, the curve of a neck. To lie! Through one’s teeth! To feel your bones as you walk along. For once just to guess instead of always knowing…

Wings of Desire (1987), Wim Winders

 Yves Saint Laurent (2014)